Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm reading "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson, and her story has got me wanting to start my blog again.

I'm not a person to get up in sacrament meeting and share my testimony.  Something about it makes me go weak in the knees; I feel as if I have 10lb weights on each of my legs, and I'm sure everybody around me can see my whole body shaking.  When I get up to the pulpit I feel like I never say what I feel the Spirit is trying to tell me to say.  I'm much to focused on how nervous I'm feeling, and I worry about saying profound things instead of just speaking from the heart.

I changed the blog name to "Steadfast in You."  I started a blog when I traveled to Italy and Africa as a nanny back in 2008, and the title of the blog was just that, "Steadfast in You."  I knew being across the country, away from family, without much contact I would need that relationship with my Heavenly Father to be unwavering and strong.  He was all I had.  So I promised to be steadfast and trust in Him while I took a leap of faith on an incredible adventure.  

In saying all this, Stephanie Nielson has inspired me to share my own testimony in different ways through this blog.  I can do so in my own personal journal, but I feel it's so important to share your testimony with others.  Whether they want to listen, well, that's their choice.  Everybody has free agency.  But if my words and experiences can help others in any way then that's me being an instrument in my Heavenly Fathers hands.  I am too shy to get up and share my testimony in front of a room full of people; so why not share it through words?

If ever you'd like me to guest post on your blog feel free to ask.  I wont be doing sponsors, but I am more than willing to write a post for your blog! :)

I want my children to know that I have a testimony of this Gospel.  I don't want them to ever second guess it.  And if I rarely speak about it in church, other than my example I can hopefully set, where will they know that their mom has a testimony?  Hopefully they can look back on my words here and see that their mother, no doubt, had a very true testimony.

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