Tuesday, May 8, 2012

photographs are worth a million

1. This was taken when Corbin had a really high fever.  We were playing on the floor, and he laid his head down and fell asleep.  First time he's ever done that.

2. Corbin fell asleep in dad's arms while daddy was sipping on his slurpee.

3. Eating his favorite meal, spaghetti

4. These are a pair of Corbin's new summer shorts

1. Walking to the car with daddy

2. Trying to learn how to color, while waiting at Grease Monkey for our oil change to finish up.

3.  Me and my favorite little man!

4. Just chillin

1. I love how Corbin's sleeve is like half way off of his shoulder.  He looks soo adorable.  Like, "this is my momma, and I love her."

2.  first ride in his new big boy car seat!

3.  Still trying to figure out why daddy loves this thing they call a "remote" so much...

4. "Look mom!  I learned how to take a photograph of myself, using your IPhone!"

5. open scene:  (mom in kitchen doing the dishes, while Corbin is on the floor playing with his favorite toy)
Corbin crawls off to somewhere in the house.
mom: Corbin where are you?
Corbin: (in his sweet baby jabber) GAH!
mom: Corbin where are you?
Corbin:  GAH!
Mom walks into the master bathroom as Corbin turns, looks, smiles real big and gets down sooo fast and crawls off.  Like he was afraid he knew he wasn't supposed to be doing what he was doing.
Haha.  Funniest moment ever.  Is is silly that I find it sooo hilarious that he plays with the toilet paper?  Some parents would get mad, but I just think it's so funny to watch him get so much amusement out of toilet paper.  

6. No make-up kind of day to work.

So these are just some fun photos I've taken lately, that I just haven't posted I guess!  I hope ya'll have a fabulous Tuesday!