Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Under the weather

Oh how I wish I had a box of these pretties today.
I hate head colds.
I especially hate when your nose is runny and super stuffy at the same time!
What the heck?  How does that even happen?
I can deal with the runny though.  I can't stand the stuffy.
I can't breath, I can't talk normal, and I have to lay a certain way in bed in order to get air!
I have never sneezed sooo much in my entire life than I have today.

Anyways, sorry for the boooring post today lovelies.
I am a tad bit under the weather, and just can't bring myself to type much of anything wonderful.
Other than the fact that I love my sweet baby boy and husband sooo much!

I hope none of you have caught this yucky head cold going around.
Drink lots of orange juice and stay healthy!

OH!  One thing.
My sweet cousin Nikki had her second baby girl yesterday.
Farah Jane, 8lbs 5oz
and my sister in law, Kirsten had her second baby girl today.
Lillian Marie, 8lbs 5oz

My Sister-in-law just made my mother-in-law a grandma to 21 grandkids!
Oh, I just love newborns!

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