Tuesday, April 3, 2012

treasured moment

This morning I didn't have to work.  When I woke up at the blissful hour of 8:00am I laid in bed for a half hour before my sweet boy woke up.  I kept thinking about the simple life.  It seems like everybody in today's hectic life are always criticizing how "not simple" life is.  This basic idea of the simple life was constantly on my mind today.  Then as I got on to post I knew I wanted some sort of photograph, and I immediatly found myself on  I'm not even joking, this photo above and this quote by our Prophet was front page.

"In this fast-paced life, do we ever pause for moments of meditation- even thoughts of timeless truths?" -Thomas S. Monson

Do we?  The answer is simple really.  We can change how simple we view things, we can change how hectic our life is.  For some of us we may have to work.  For some we may have to go to school.  Many of us have children who need our attention.  We have obligations, we have made commitments to other people that we need to keep.

For those of us who have to work to support a family--we can work and when we come home, leave work at work.  Focus on our families and building up the Spirit that should fill our homes. Leave the stresses of work at work!  For those of us who go to school, we need to make time for fun.  For those of us who have been so blessed to have children of our own--cherish them!!  Oh my goodness, cherish them!  Children are so pure, so sweet, so innocent....learn from them.  Love them so much.  Cherish every first, laugh with them, cry with them, acknowlege them, reward them, respect them, teach them... know that they are children of a Heavenly Father who has trusted you with HIS children.  He has given us such an amazing gift; to raise His children to be worthy and prepared to come back and live with Him.  Believe in your children.  Encourage your children to grow in the Gospel, to love the Gospel and to be an example of truth and right.  Above all, love them-unconditionally.

When we make commitments to other people, KEEP THEM!  I can not stress this enough.  When you say you're going to be somewhere, be there on time!  Not "fashionably late."  There is no fashion in being late.  When you are on time to things you're telling that person that your time with them is important to you.  We went to Idaho this past weekend, and on the way we stopped and picked up my husbands mom.  We told her we would be there at 8:00am.  When we arrived at 7:50am his mom opened the door and said, "your here!?"  yes.  We said we'd be here at 8:00, so here we are.  She was pleasantly surprised.  It is a huge pet peeve of mine when I'm late to things.  So I rarely am.  Except work,  I have to be to work at 5:30am, and I am finding myself arriving about 5min late most of the time.  I suppose I need to wake up a little earlier to get there on time.  Also, when somebody confides something in you, they're confiding in you because they feel they can trust you.  It's important not to ruin that.  People need friends they can count on and talk to and not have to worry that their stories or trials will be told to everybody around them.

These are all simple truths.  All of these will help you find peace in your own life.  Tonight, after leaving a staff meeting, I took a semi longer way home, just so I didn't have to get on the freeway.  I took the back road so I could roll my windows down, turn my music up, smell the spring evening air and just kind of think and wind down.  Today was a beautiful day.  I went shopping with my little boy, ordered pizza so it'd be ready when my husband got home from work and just kind of set my priorities straight for me and my family.  Family always should come first, above anything else.


  1. So, I just stumbled across your blog tonight!
    I am soo glad that I did.
    It was so nice reading this post... and for reminding myself of simple truths to live by.
    Thanks so much.
    I hope you continue to have a wonderful week!!
    much love, colie.

  2. Beautiful, and what I needed to hear today! I need to stop and cherish those little wonderful moments in my life :) Thanks for this!