Tuesday, April 24, 2012

treasured moment: family

(So today was "crazy hair day" at my work today, 
I got many comments saying how cute my hair looked. 
 I guess that means I failed. ha ha)

So for all those who don't know, I work at a child development center.   
I work with children from 5 weeks old anywhere to about 2 years old.
I absolutely love my job.  so much.
Some days are a little bit more crazier than others, but each day has those precious moments
where I think, "I am so lucky I work where I do."
Not only is working with children my passion, but I have some  uhmazing co-workers.
Today as I was playing with a few of the children my thoughts started to trail off.

My baby boy comes with me to work, aka school, on Tuesdays.  
My schedule is  5:30am-11:30am Monday-Friday, so not too long of days.
My husband works mornings instead of day shift on Tuesdays, so Corbin gets to come with me.
I am sometimes a teacher in his room, but today I was not.
So as I was playing with some of the children my thoughts wondered off to my sweet boy.
Thinking about him in his classroom and how excited I was to take him home when my shift ended.
I felt so blessed that I was taking him home, and going home to my husband.  
I was so thankful that I was a part of the family I was. 
Does this make any sense?
I just love my little family so much, and I am so grateful that my family is forever.


  1. Ya, your hair looks SO SO cute!!

    My roommate is trying to get a job in childcare. Maybe it's the same place?

  2. I love this post! <3 your blog is super cute and I would love for you to come and visit mine!