Friday, April 6, 2012


[Austin, Brittany, Rachael, me, Nichole, Kirsten] / December 23, 2009 / my wedding

We're missing Natalie in this photograph, but I have to say, I married into such a wonderful family.  I've never had sisters before so to marry into a family where I now have 7's pretty awesome.  Kirsten, Austin and Natalie married into the family just as I did, but the others are all Aaron's sisters.  All of us get along so well, and it really bites that only three of us live down here in Southern Utah.  We miss all the other girls so much.  It's a lot of fun when we all get to visit each other once in a while.  Aaron's family makes it a yearly trip to find some way to get together.  It may not be all of us at once, but some of us see each other at least once a year.  This year Aaron, his mom and I went up to Idaho to see Brittany and her family, and in July Brittany, her family and her mom will be flying to Florida to see all the others.  The year after Aaron and I got married we were able to fly out to Florida with his mom to see everyone.  It was so much fun to visit the beach and get to know my new siblings that lived down south.  Who knows what next year will bring!  I know with 13 grandkids out in Florida it's hard for them all to just "hop on a plane" and fly out here, and with all of us over on this side of the country popping out babies like it's nobodys business, who knows how long we'll be able to hop on a plane and fly out there.  We'll figure something out though.  It's always so much fun to get together.

My sister Brittany has been on my mind a lot today.  She was such a great hostess to us while we were up at her home in Idaho last weekend.  The trip went by too quickly if you ask me.  She prepared some awesome meals for us, and we played some fun board games both nights.  Her home is so cozy, decorated so cute and surrounded by such a peaceful setting.  I love just sitting with her and talking about anything and everything.  I miss her living down here.  I hate how you never know how much you appreciate something until it's gone.  Often times, we consider our best friends to be people who we talk to a lot.  I consider Brittany to be one of my best friends.  I feel like I could talk to her about anything for hours, or sit and watch a movie and just laugh.  To me, that's a great quality in a best friend.  She is such a great example to me in several ways, and I am so grateful to be able to call her my sister and friend.

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