Saturday, April 7, 2012

Remember THIS post?  Well, I have decided to add a little someone to our little blog.  That's right.  Corbin will be making his debut today.  I have a photo album of photos from NICU to this year of him, however I want to do major months and record them each into their own books.  For example, newborn-12 months, 12 months-24months and so on.  So I will post age 6 months with photos and milestones, age 12 months with photos and milestones and so on here on this blog, and then upload them to a site and make them into a book for keepsakes.  I am very excited about this new little addition to our blog.  Bringing Corbin into it will just make it that much more 100% me and my families life, much more personal.  So here's to a new beginning--

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