Friday, April 13, 2012

Man in the Mirror

What makes my opinions and words matter?  Why would a person sit and read words I have written about my life and thoughts?  What draws people to continue to read about what I have to say?  What is the purpose behind what I write?  These thoughts all started to swirl around when I realized just how many "bloggers" there are out there.  Then I asked myself, "why do  I read certain blogs?"  I have daily why do I read them, and why do I invest my time to reading about their lives?  Many, who don't blog, may look at bloggers and just see us all as spending our time coveting each other.  They may see it as very pointless and a waste of time.  Why write down what your feeling so everybody can read it, why not just write it down in a personal journal?

The records recorded in the Book of Mormon and the Bible are true.  Filled within these pages are words of wisdom and truth.  Because these words were so sacredly preserved and passed on we are able to find peace, answers and comfort from them. No our words are not words of that kind of importance, but to some, our words may be just the answer we're looking for.

I find myself writing on my blog rather than a journal one because it's easier to type than sit and hand write, sometimes what turn out to be really long posts, in a journal.  Two because it's just fun.  Three because I hope someone, somewhere benifits from my stories, my thoughts, my opinions, my faith, my love.  I hope that my hardships benifit another person by being able to share how I overcame that trial.  I believe blogging lets other women see that they aren't the only one who goes through hard things.  I believe in being honest with what I share.  I don't want to paint a perfect pretty picture.  I don't want women to come to my blog and think, wow she's got it all together..her life is perfect..I want to be just like her.  Because life isn't perfect and all women need to grasp that concept. 

We read through blogs and see pretty photographs of women who do fashion posts and always look so beautiful.  Never is there a photo of when they're not looking their best.  That would be against all blogging rules right?  Wrong.  There are no rules to blogging.  You were the creator of your spot in the blogging world.  You are the boss.  You are your own critic.  YOU have the power to help other women feel good about themselves not wish they were you.  It's okay to write about normal daily things, it's okay that you didn't put on make up today and it's okay you don't have those colored skinny jeans, Tom Shoes and that perfect white spring dress.  Things become a problem when you try to avoid YOU and try to be someone else.

Sometimes I try to do posed photographs that I see other people do, and somehow my husband always manages to click at the wrong moment and captures a not so pretty version of those poses in action.  But that's life, and I know that other people stumble upon the same issues sometimes.  They just aren't often documented.  So sometimes we feel like we're the only ones that have failures.  Which isn't true.  We all falter sometimes, but we all have the ability to stand back up and achieve great and marvelous things.  We all have the potential to change the world, or a life of another person.  We all are divine children of a Heavenly Father who loves us all the same.  We are all equals.  We all have a place in this world-and a purpose.  

If there has been one great thing that has been greater than any other reason I have found in blogging it's that I have been able to find little bits and pieces of who I really am.  I've come to realize that I am the person I am for a reason.  There is no need for me to try and be somebody else or to wish for material things I don't have.  I have a greater purpose in life.  My family, friends, people around me, my divine potential...that's what matters.  What matters is that I feel good and happy about where I am in my life.  If someone can benefit from words I have to share--that's another plus.  If I can be an example to somebody else--that's a plus.  If I can emulate any quality of my Savior--that would be more than enough.  I hope that women all around know that they are beautiful and special.  No matter what they do in their life, no matter where they are--we can all start again, we can be forgiven...we can go on and be happy.  :)


  1. Thanks Haili. You are so true...I also wonder if blogging isn't an attempt to make us feel better about ourselves, ha! Nonetheless, you are right about being intentional in how we want it to bless and build others up. And I love your new look - very clean & musical =)

  2. i LOVE these pics of you! especially the 2nd one, so cute!

  3. I LOVE your dress in the picture of you some sand dunes? All of these pictures are so fun!
    And I love your reasons for blogging! It's so true... there are NO rules. We can do whatever we want with our own space!
    And I really admire how often you share your testimony on the blog. You are truly inspiring!

  4. I love this. :) Beautifully said, lady. Also, that pink dress you're wearing- I wanted it SO badly and never bought it. I still regret that decision. haha! LOVE that photo btw. :)