Wednesday, April 18, 2012

little moments

I have had so many thoughts I've wanted to share with you all, and by the end of the day I have forgotten them.  So I may start a new routine that may help with that...we'll see!  

*The Kindness Keepsake Project is still happening, I'm just waiting for something...bear with me.*

I apologize I haven't done the "Treasured Moment" on Tuesdays for the past two Tuesdays.  No joke, Wednesday is half way over and I realize "shoot! Yesterday was Tuesday!!"  haha.  My brain is seriously so forgetful lately...You'd think I was pregnant....
nice try.  I'm not pregnant. :)

Mothers Day is coming up.  I'd just like to mention...don't forget about those mothers who have lost babies or who are struggling with infertility, they need some definite loving on this day.  So if you have close friends or family who have been through either of these hard struggles, maybe surprise them with a little note of kind words, a phone call, a facebook message, a card whatever your style!  and of course, don't forget about your own momma sita!

These are a random collaboration of photos on our laptop that have such good memories attached to them so I thought I'd share them with you all.  I love looking through old photographs and remembering what we were doing during that time.

(photo taken by me/Kolob)

(photo taken by me/July 27 2009)
This was taken right after Aaron proposed to me...a second rainbow is there too, but you can't really see it in the photograph

(flowers at the Saint George, Utah LDS Temple)

(cool evening in good ol' Toquerville)

(Sunday drive up Kolob)

(We used this photo as one of the photos on our first Christmas card last year.  I can't get over how chubby his cheeks look in this photograph!)

(Thanksgiving 2011)

(First time Corbin smiled/in the NICU)
He's tucked nice and warm in my shirt. :) that's how small he was.

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