Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello dearies!

So we had a lot of fun up in Idaho.  It is good to be back though!  I will post more about it tomorrow.  We found out what was wrong with our camera.  We've been shooting in RAW, and in order to download those photos to the computer I need to buy a certain program to open them with.  So tomorrow I will be downloading a free trial to try out.  So please be patient with me on my lack of photographs. :)

I was also thinking about my lovely little sponsors.  It is so much fun to have sponsors and to swap buttons to get to know other bloggers out there.  That's what made me start to think.  As I have been getting more emails to ask to swap buttons I've began to realize that it's becoming more about quantity than quality.  I don't want that.  I want to know who I am sponsoring and who is sponsoring me.   I want to blog for me and my family, and I want to blog about things that will inspire me and others.  So here is what is going to happen.

I find new blogs every now and then.  Sometimes I really just stick to the "daily reads" I have.  So each month I am going to select so many bloggers and put their button on my blog.  I will write them an email letting them know that I have put there button on my blog, and why I chose to do so.  I will ask them if they would like to write a post on my blog and tell a little about themselves and their blog so others will see why I chose them.  And also if they would like to do a giveaway.  So this way, I get to know those bloggers that I love, and so do you guys. I am really excited about this, and I hope ya'll are too!

I have told one blogger that I would do an april sponsorship with her.  Ginny from Chasing Sunshine.  So she will continue to be on my blog for the month of April.  You should really check her out! She is so cute!  The name of her blog is what drew me over there. She has such a positive outlook on life.

One last note.  I have decided what I am going to be doing for the "Kindness Keepsake Project."  I have my first one planned.  So once I get it all together I will snap some shots and let ya'll see it!

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