Sunday, March 25, 2012

We all have mountains to climb

Something happened during my childhood that left me emotionally "tied up" I guess you could call it.
I was scared to open up and to trust.
It was emotionally hard for me to do.
Which left me really struggling when I started dating Aaron.
I hated it, because I really really loved this guy.
He was worthy of my trust, I felt
and he deserved a girl that was willing to open up to him.
and I wanted to be that girl, gosh dang it!

Once we got to the point where we both knew it was serious...
and knew this relationship was going to lead to marriage
I told him.
And we were able to put the pieces together
as a couple
and we got through it.

He helped me get through it with complete compassion,
and he was more than patient and understanding.
We were married in the Saint George, Utah LDS Temple
December 23, 2009

I wanted to share this because it is a part of me.

It's a huge mountain I've had to climb in my life to become who I am today.
It's one of the biggest things that had me on my knees countless nights
asking how to get through it and how to use this to grow.
It was the comfort and love I felt from my Father in Heaven that allowed peace to finally set in.
It was his strong embrace that held me those nights where I felt like I was incapable of letting someone in.
It was His whispers, His love, His peace that brought peace to me.

I want my testimony to be heard.
That He is always there for you.
He does listen.
He will bring you comfort.
He does want you to be happy.
He will never leave you alone.

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  1. This describes so much of what I went through as well and my husband helped me figure out things.

    Thanks for sharing :)