Tuesday, March 27, 2012

treasured moment: picnic in the park

There will be one day that I can get my husband to go on a picnic with me.
He informed me he just isn't the blanket-and-wooden-basket-sit-and-eat-lunch-on-the-grass kind of guy
as we were walking back to our car after our "picnic" on Saturday.
I decided to budget a little lunch date in this last pay period.
because that is the best way to actually enjoy dates...
is to have a budget for them.
Anyways, this is how our picnic happened.
We ventured on over to this little place called "Judds"
Inside you will find so many fun and delectable goodies.
soups, breadsticks, ice-cream, sno-cones...
OLD school sodas, like we're talking old school glass bottled soda people. 
old school name it, they've got it.
I just love this little place.
and little it is.
It is always packed, and there is not enough room in the inside for all of it's customers, I tell ya.
But it adds to the charm of the place.

Oh I forgot to mention we got some Taco Bell first, ate it across the street from Judds at the splash pad/park.
We sat on a bench.
Yes. a picnic on a bench.
because my husband is not a blanket-and-wooden-basket-sit-and-eat-lunch-on-the-grass kind of guy
ha ha.

We watched as the little kids excitedly anticipated their turn to get on the carousel.
So sweet.
Then my husband said that we should move somewhere else.
(if your yourself)
Apparently there was some homeless dude laying down on a bench not far behind us, and he was throwing up.  Sick or hung over...I don't care.  We were out of there.
We had finished our lunch by then, so that is when we headed across the street to Judd's to get some ice-cream.
Then we went back to the park and walked around.
We went to the other side and sat on a bench next to a huge grass area where a couple children were flying their kites. attempting to fly their kites.
When the unthinkable happened.
Yes, because I am so graceful....
I spilled some of my ice-cream onto my camera!
No worries though nothing got ruined, and we quickly managed to clean it up.
all the while my husband smiled and shook his head.
I spill everything.
and that's no exaggeration.
Though I wish it were.
So, just incase you decide to go to Judds...which you for sure should.
When you ask for a child size scoop of ice cream on a cone-
please know that the "child size scoop" is a VERY generous sized scoop.
and they don't squish it into the cone very well
so it is very topsy turvy.

My treasured moment?
A Hunter style picnic in the park.


  1. You just brought back a few treasured moments for me. When I was really young and when we were visiting my grandparents in St. George we would always go visit Judd's. We could get so much candy for only a couple bucks since they had penny and nickel stuff. It was such an awesome old-fashioned place.

  2. As my Grandma always tells me its not a meal with out a spill! haha! I think our husbands are on the same page here because luke flat out refuses to go on picnics haha!

  3. AH! You live in St George!! I lived there all my life... until almost 2 years ago. We moved up north for a year and a half and now we are in Cedar. Been here for 2 months. I'd definitely rather be down in St George :) ha ha! Luckily I work 2-3 days a week there so I can get out of this little town :)
    Can you believe that I've really only been to Judd's once, maybe twice? I need to go with my hubs next time we're down together!

  4. haha! I was just going to say the same thing as Courtney!! :D YOU LIVE IN ST GEORGE! SO DO I!!

  5. Courtney,
    Why in the world do you live in Cedar and work in Saint George? That's kind of cruddy.

    You live in George??? YES! We win!