Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treasured Moment: Living in southern utah

Spring is not holding back this year.  Spring is hoping out as soon as possible.
There is something about it that makes me so super happy
but another part of me wants to keep the cooler weather around just a little bit longer.
Maybe that's because it's a cloudy day today, we woke up slowly and had a snuggly morning together.
Or maybe it's because I know that spring in southern utah means heat.
More often than not, Saint george sees 85 degrees and above before it ever sees the nice 60-70 degree
spring weather.  Oh, the beauty of living in the dry desert. 
Don't get me wrong though.
The warm weather, sunny and blue skies, cherry blossoms, warm spring/summer nights...
I love Southern Utah, and I honestly, would not want to live anywhere else!

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