Thursday, March 29, 2012

speak kind words

Today in Scouts there was a younger boy.
Maybe three years old.
He was the son of one of the scout directors.
He was sitting at the front of the group while the eight year old scouts were doing their activity.
He was eating away at some food thing that they all made earlier in class.
It involved Cadburry Eggs, chinese noodles and some sort of creamy sauce.
They made nests and stuck the eggs inside.
Once the "nest" sat for about five minutes it was hard, and the boys were welcome to eat them, if they wanted.
One of the boys looked at this little three year old chomping at the bit.
He started laughing and said to another boy
"ewe.  look he's eating it...that's so disgusting."
The little three year old looked over at the boy and went back to eating his treat.
The other boy who was the listening ear to the boy teasing the three year old said,

"He just likes different things than we do."

[It made my heart melt.]

We're all different.
We do things different.
That's what makes us all individuals
and beautiful.


  1. It is amazing how those young minds/hearts remind us of the IMPORTANT things in life! And how important it is that we are all different, and remain different :) Such a sweet story!

  2. I know right? We truly can learn some of life's most important lessons from children.