Sunday, March 18, 2012

the soft-spoken one

If we sat down for lunch one day you would probably find yourself doing most of the talking.
I am a very shy and soft-spoken first.
I'm pretty sure the only people who have ever seen my hyper energetic bubbly side are
my mom, husband and one of my best friends I've known since I was 7 years old.
oh, and my son of course, but he can't really complain too much. ;)
You would find out that most of my friends are out going and very talkative people.
I tend to be drawn in to those kinds of people..
maybe because they yank the energetic side out of me
and help me become more outgoing myself?
I'm not sure.
Maybe because when it's me and another soft spoken person, not much is said or accomplished...
ha ha.
Sometimes that's for the better though.
You can hang out, watch movies, eat lunch, do crafts-and not feel awkward if there is no conversation for a while.
I am grateful for all the many different friends I have that are just so much fun in their own ways.
You'd find out that most of the time I am the one that joins in on fun adventures and plans...
I'm not the one making the plans and inviting people.
However, the photograph above was my idea.
climbing up a rock in high heels...awesome.
However, this was on account for our engagement photos back in 2009.
Which was so worth it because that climbing led to this photograph

Well worth it, for sure.

On a few side notes I have one question and one pet peeve I must share.
the question:
Do any of you techy bloggers know how to put a lace border around your blog, such as the one here?  Leave a comment if you do, and you'd be willing to teach this little chica right here! :)

the pet peeve:
many bloggers have posted about this lately, and I thought it was about time I brought it up, because it's always bugged me.  So, you know when you go to leave a comment on a blog and that word verification bologna comes up?  Yes.  That jibberish that you can never read, but you have to figure what letter is what in order to leave a comment.  I strongly dislike it.  I know many that do, and maybe just don't know how to remove it.  So here, it's very simple.

step one:  design
step two: upper tab that says "settings"
step three:  sub tab that says "comments"
step four:  scroll down until you see where it says "Show word verification for comments?"
step five:  select no!
there ya have it
easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Hope your Sunday was beautiful!

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