Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm sort of puzzled of what to share with you readers today.
So let me tell you about a fellow blogger whom I came across sometime last year.
I read about her NICU experiences with her children and felt an instant bond.
When you go through something like that, and you meet someone else who has too
the connection is instantly made, even if you don't know it at first.
I didn't end up following her blog or anything
and didn't go back to it until about 2 weeks ago.  and now I feel like I need to do a catch up!
Casey is one of the most, I can't even find the words...the most,
genuine, down to earth, real, patient, loving mother...
and those dont even come close to all of who she is.
I am so glad I came back to her blog and she is now a daily read for me.
She is seriously someone I would love to spend time with in person.
For me, being a mom is such an incredible gift I have been given.  My son brings so much happiness
into my every day.  I learn from him.  I love every.single.little.thing.he.does.
but I will be the first to say that
I have come to learn that I am not a very patient person.
and I don't like saying this, because especially to a little child, I need to be so so patient and understanding.
From what I've come to know Casey as, in her blog, is a extremely refreshing example of patience.
She knows what it means and what it takes to be slow to frustration towards her two little sweet children.
She treasures each little moment.
You know how sometimes you meet someone and immediately you can tell they are genuine?
They're real?
Their story just pokes at you and their emotions and their words and feelings just hit home for you?
Yes.  Well that is miss Casey.  
Really, go read her little blog.  Be prepared to develop a new friendship and a new admiration for someone.

I am not even sure where this post was meant to go.
Sometimes, I just meet someone and am in awe, and want to brag about how amazing they are.
I absolutely love getting to know new people.
I love connecting with them and hear their stories 
their struggles.
their highs and lows.
beliefs and goals.
Every person has a story, and every person wants their story to be understood by someone.

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