Thursday, March 1, 2012

I solemnly promise

(sure there is a road, some park lamps etc.  but hey, that's OK!  I love Pine Valley Mountain, I love the cloudy weather, the bit of blue sky peering through, the red sand, the sun hitting only the one red mountain, and the bits of green in the this shot.  Just reminds me why I love Southern Utah SO much!)

(just realized you can see a sprinkler head or something in this photo...ha ha.)

This evening Corbin and I went for a drive to take some photos.
My husband has always been the 'nature photographer' in our family.
I always found myself wanting to take photos of other people more so than nature.
Now that we have a nice camera, I've been finding so much beauty in the nature around me
and I can't help but fall in love with taking photos of the beauty I find in this beautiful state.
Simple things, too.
The sunrise, a mountain, a flower...even a rock, if looked at from a certain perspective, can be amazingly beautiful.
As we were heading out to take some photos I remember thinking
Sometimes we have to seek out the beautiful things.
We can't just go to the park and scan around, having the thought that an amazing shot will present itself.
We need to look at specific things and look at them from different views to truly see the beauty.

Life is a lot like that.
We can't expect things to just fall into place.
We need to find what we're searching for, make dreams for ourselves, make goals...
make a plan to achieve those dreams and goals.
but that is not all.
We need to put our little self into ACTION and accomplish, succeed and celebrate!
Just like getting great shots from seeking out those different angles; sometimes we need to look at our goals from different angles.
For instance,
I love pepsi.
I made a goal last year to not drink pepsi for a whole year.  Do you think I did it?  I made it 6 months and caved, people!
Ugh.  I was so bummed.  So of course my thoughts after that were, "well I had a pepsi...might as well give up."
I had several more during the course of the rest of the year.  Out goes that goal.
I could have looked at it as, "Okay, I had a pepsi, that's okay.  Let's try going a month...then another, then another..." 
That way, at the end of the year I could look back and see sure.  I had one pepsi, but that is AMAZING progress!!
Instead of just giving up and feeling like I didn't accomplish anything.
This year I didn't set that goal, but guess what?  I've gone a month now without a pepsi, without even realizing it!  How did I celebrate?
No. I didn't go get a pepsi, ;)  but I did get myself a pink lemonade!  Much better, if you ask me!
So now I'll make it through the month of March...and so forth!

In the end, take baby steps...dont give up
and if you stumble a little bit...get back up and try again!


  1. This is awesome hails! I have set a goal to tighten my tummy by the end of the month. I have always talked about wanting to do this, but never have because I am the same way with food and excessive as you were with the Pepsi last year. Definitely helped me to read this. :)

  2. these photos are very pretty! I just found your blog :) following you now! I hope we can be friends!

    love, polly :D