Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Morning, beautiful day

Sometimes I wake up super super giddy.
Like this morning for instance.
I woke up to my husbands alarm going off, realized it was Saturday, I get to sleep in, and I still had about an hour before my sweet boy wakes up.
My husband left to go play basketball with some friends; while I lay in bed about to go back to sleep
I grabbed my phone and somehow found myself reading a new blog.
I love finding new blogs, especially blogs that draw me in like hers did.
This leads me to right now...
I'm not sure how "linking up to blogs" works, but we're going to just pretend that this is how it works.
Today I'm linking up with Erin from "Sweetness Itself."

The art of your very own life.
The beauty that you create.
It's a masterpiece in disguise.

Today wasn't a T-shirt and jeans kind of day.  nope.  not today.
Yes, it is springtime and yes the clouds decided to come visit and stay a while here in good ol southern utah.
I welcomed them with a smile on my face.

It wasnt quite a hoodie kind of day either. 
It's springtime, I need bright colors.
Where does that leave me?  oh boy.  aha!

That leaves me with a long sleeve that is very springtime colors that, may I add, I got at Old Navy last year for only .99!  Yes it's true.
So now I'm set...I've got my springtime on and my overcast winter comeback look.
Best of both worlds.
But because girls need to be fabulous and classy, I added a touch of pearls.
There ya have it.
You know what else I decided was beautiful?
The fact that each day I have the choice between several perfumes I could wear for the day.
and the many colors of nail polish I can apply whenever I want.
Today was this kind of combination kind of day.

So welcome beautiful day.  I'm excited to spend my day with you.

*I know I said I'd post part two of our nicu experience...but words aren't ready to by typed yet.  But no worries...they'll come, and soon you will have a happily ever after to your previous cliff hanger.*


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