Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finding Joy

 Last week I read one of the most important blogging tips would have to be to
'blog for yourself'
It's easy to get caught up in how many followers you get, DIY projects, fashion posts, giveaways etc.
There is so much good stuff, and fun stuff for that matter, out here in the blogging world. It's a place where us women can connect and share our ideas. It's a place where some of us document our little moments in our daily lives so we have those memories forever. Where raw feelings and thoughts are revealed.
Blogs are where we, as women, become real. We learn from each other and support each other and celebrate in each others successes. For me, personally, the blogging world seems a little less judgmental than the real world. So when I heard 'blog for yourself' as one of the best tips for blogging, it made sense. It's fun to have readers, and to get involved with other bloggers and their beautiful world but what matters most is how you feel about yourself and the things you create. So here is me.  Here is what has been going on in my little thoughts.

Many of the women who I look up to spend their lives serving others.  I do believe that by serving others we find out more about ourselves than we ever could have imagined. However, I believe that we also need to focus on who we are as an individual before we can fully serve others. As I was lying in bed last night so many ideas came into my head of how to serve certain people in my life as well as how to serve others who I don't even know. So many ideas kept coming to my mind.
Then they stopped.  
I was distracted by another, kind of sad thought.
What am I passionate about?
It really kind of brought me down a little bit.  I then immediatly thought about all the people I love.  My sweet baby boy and my husband.  I am so deeply passionate about people, about their lives and I'm passionate about seeing people be treated with kindness and love that we all deserve.  It hurts me so bad to see children or adults be mistreated, disrespected, unloved, misunderstood, lost, alone etc.  I am passionate about bringing love and kindness into their lives.  Then I felt overwhelmed.  How can I help as many people as I can to feel cared about?  There are so many people, even in my small realm of people I know.
Where do I start?
I start, with me.
I need to get to know myself, sink my teeth into my scriptures, build MY relationship with my Father in Heaven, write my thoughts on a daily basis, find the beauty within myself, find the light of Christ in ME.  So then when I go to help others, before I even try, they'll be able to SEE and FEEL the love of our Savior.  That alone, will help them.  We all need to find  the beauty within ourselves.  When we begin to feel overwhelmed, go back to the basics.  When the world seems to complicated, full of what seems like to many expectations to live up to...go back to the basics.  Just like in the church when what we are being taught seems to complex and too far beyond our comprehension, what do we do?  We go back to the basics, back to the basic principles of primary.  Search.  Ponder.  Pray.  Love one another...

So here's to finding the beauty within myself.
To finding beauty around me.
To spreading a little more kindness.

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