Saturday, March 10, 2012


A lot of who I am today comes from who I have as a mother. Many times growing up I looked up to other women as examples, because, well, I was a teenager.  As I have grown into an adult myself I have come to know my mother as a person.  I've realized, as kids and as teenagers, we see our parents as just that, our parents.  It is a completely different experience as we grow up and become adults ourselves.  It is so fun to have a mother who is a friend, a mentor, a guardian angel and even more important, a person.
I came across an ad of a townhome for rent in Hurricane.  The exact ones my mom and I lived in when I was attending high school.  The ones I have always loved.  The rent is pretty much the same for every townhome in the complex, and when I saw the rent price I thought back to when I lived with my mom.  How in the world did she pay rent, utilities, gas for the car, groceries, clothes for me, dance class, school activities and the list goes on... how did she manage to pay for all of these things on a single income, as a single parent?  At the time, I'm pretty sure I took it for granted.  I didn't realize how much it cost to, well, live.  I was naive and unaware.  I knew it wasn't easy for her, but I guess I just didn't know how hard it really must have been.
Now as my husband and I both work and have all the bills to pay and still want to have fun along the way as well, I see just how much it costs to live.  I stand in awe of how much strength my mom had all those years.
My mom's unconditional love has carried me through so much.  She has always been there for me, and still is, and always will be.  I know that. I believe that. I have always counted on that.  She is one of my very best friends and such an amazing example to me.  She often states that she has made a lot of mistakes in her life, and she wished she could have been a better mom when my brothers and I were little. 
 Truth is, we all make mistakes, and not one single person in this world is perfect.  Even those people you meet and think, "man. they have got it all.  Their life is perfect."  it's not.  and the truth is...we know that.  Sometimes we just wish that we could be perfect, but there is no perfect way.  What makes us perfect is being the best we can for those in our lives.  And that was what my mom was.  She was perfect for me.  She was perfect for my brothers.  Her mistakes were building blocks for her achievements and successes.  They were little examples to us of how we can get through our battles in life.  I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason, but those things happen in accordance to the choices we have made throughout our lives.  
I am thankful for my mom, and I am grateful that Heavenly Father chose her to watch over me in this life.

I have three older brothers who I adore so much.  This is my second oldest brother, Andrew.  He's been such an amazing example to me throughout my life.  He's been the first to go through college; which has been one of my goals since I was a little one.  I saw the statistics though.  If your parents and siblings didn't go through college, you most likely wont either.  But Andrew did.  So I gained strength and motivation.  I am now on my way to becoming a NICU nurse.  When will I finally get my degree?  Soon hopefully! 
Andrew has also been a great example of faith for me.  He has always been an active member of the church and is such a wonderful daddy to his cutie children.  He is also one amazing husband to his cute wife.  Seriously, I couldn't have asked for better brothers than I have.

Family is so important.  They will be the ones who will be with you all the way through eternity.  Cherish them.  Love them.  Treat them with respect.  Grow and learn from them.  Most importantly, become friends.

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