Wednesday, March 21, 2012

THE beautiful Casey Wiegand

Yep.  That's right my friends.  Casey has be so kind as to write a beautiful little post for me today.
If you haven't heard of Casey's blog, check her out HERE.
Do it.
She is amazing.  
One of her readers left a comment on a post that read

"I read a lot of blogs.
And I love a lot of blogs.
But there are none I look forward to more than yours.
I get this sense of peace and sweetness that I can't find anywhere else."

She is so dead on.
Casey is so graceful with her pure and honest.
Enough said, here it is, yo.

Body image, being beautiful....FEELING beautiful- it's tough. Some of us are harder on ourselves than others....but regardless it can be a touchy subject.

I can't tell you how many times I have gotten emails from people who are afraid to have a baby because of the changes that will happen to your body.

Well, I am here to say...changes will happen.
Things will shift and move and change.

But I am also here to tell you that when you watch every first.
Cheer with them and cry with them.
When you laugh until you can't breathe.
When hot tears pour down your cheeks because the love is so intense.
When you stare at them sleeping countless nights and rock them to sleep night after night.
When you smell that sweet skin and hug that tiny chest.

That is all that matters. 
Saying it is worth it is an understatement. It's MORE than worth it. 

It's everything.


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  1. umm. hello. i ADORE casey. like beyond. she is so lovely and real.

    and ps. i LOVE your blog name. so perfect.

    happy wednesday friend!