Friday, March 9, 2012

100 things

My friend recently did a post of 100 things about herself.
I thought to myself wow.  I don't know if  I could think of that many things.
Then I thought it'd be kind of fun
and a great way for others to get to know a little about me.
Or for those that do know me, to find some new things about me, they may not have known.
Wish me luck!

1. I hate those twisty ties that are on loafs of bread.  I never put them back on.
2. I prefer grape jelly over any other kind
3. I love my son Corbin, more than I ever thought possible.
4. My husband is the best for ME.
5. I'm very insecure about my feet, they are flat and fat.  
6. I hate wearing flip-flops in the summer simply because of it
7. I sort of want an Ipad
8. I only read part of the first book of the Hungar Games, didn't like it.
9. I love romance and comedy films
10. Rachel McAdams is my favorite actress
11. I love math, but I've never been very good at it.
12. I love to write
13. I used to write poetry
14. I've had several poems published
15. I used to figure skate
16. I wish I still did
17. I love EFY music
18. People often ask what my favorite color is.  Don't worry, it's different everyday.
19. For the most part, it's red. and yellow, aqua, white, pink etc etc.
20. I never liked the movie "Ever After." sorry.
21. Love the movie "Enchanted"
22. My best friend is my husband, I know, lucky right?
23. I turn 23 years old next month. (:
24. I want our Ford Edge back
25. I still watch the Disney Channel
26. I love summer nights in Southern Utah
27. I was on some sort of dance team all throughout middle school and high school
28. I miss dance.
29. I've never done Ballet, but I always have wanted to
30. I dropped out of a dance routine because the outfit was immodest
31. I believe that life is what you make it.
32. I am already struggling with things to say about myself, at number 32, oh dear.
33. My brain thinks bedtime is work time
34. I want a duck pond in our future home
35. I want a white kitchen with lots of windows
36. I love natural light
37. I cry way too easily, and it used to be the opposite, before I was a mom
38. I'm excited to be pregnant again.
39. I'm scared our next child will be preemie.
40. I've always loved the idea of running
41. So, I run.  I hate running.
42. Jergens Cherry Almond is my favorite lotion
43. My least favorite house chore is cleaning the bathtub
43. Second least favorite is dishes.
44. I rarely use our dishwasher.  I'd rather just do them by hand, get em done.
45. I have an obsession with cheez its
46. I haven't had soda in over a month! (:
47. I prefer Pampers diapers over Huggies
48. We use Huggies little movers because they have better deals.
49. I'm extemely shy, and that often comes across as being stuck up
50. THIS GIRL is my favorite blogger
51. I really like genuinely real people
55. I prefer baths over showers
56. Mexican food is my all time favorite
57. I like listening to people talk after just sucking hellium out of a balloon
58. I sometimes wish I was a stay at home mommy
59. I got very lucky with my work schedule, and am able to be home majority of the day
60. I loooove mornings, but I hate waking up early...
61. I love singing, but I'm not very good at it
62. I love my mom a lot.
63. I used to tell my mom that I wanted to marry someone just like my brothers
64. My husband is a great mix of all three of them.
65. It makes me sad that some women are scared of being pregnant because of what it'll do to their bodies.
66. Pregnancy didn't do anything to my body
67. Except fill it with a tiny little spirit who has brought me soooo much joy and comfort
68. I think "Ellen" is hilarious
69. I like Taylor Swift
70. Sometimes I'd rather hang out with little kids than adults
71. 4th of July is my favorite holiday
72. I'm terrified of thunderstorms
73. My husband was the first guy I ever kissed.
74. I lived in California until the end of 7th grade, and I would never go back there.
75. So remember I said I'll be 23 soon?  I've moved more times than that.
76. One of the places I lived when I was younger had the nick name "cockroach apartments." great.
77. I've been to Italy and Africa
78. I hate my laugh
79. I wish I had a bicycle
80. I can't wait to own our own home
81. I want a lot of acres so we can have a big backyard with a garden
82. I love to read, but don't do it that often
83. I still shop in the kids section at Target
84. I love scrapbooking
85. I love my job
86. I push myself every day to be a little more outgoing
87. I miss going to ShopKo and hanging out with my dear friend Maddie
88. I cherish friendships that last, even though there's distance in location
89. Sometimes I wish we lived in H-town
90. I use Cheer powder laundry detergent
91. I wish Harmons wasn't so expensive, So I could do my grocery shopping there
92. I hate making grocery lists
93. I want a big family, but I don't want to be pregnant that many times.
94. I loved young womens
95. I grew a new love for camping after my first year of girls camp
96. I have a testimony of paying an honest Tithe
97. I love playing board/card games
98. I like to be in on conversations, but rarely do I say much during them
99. I'm going to school to become a NICU nurse
100. I love my family

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