Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Treasured Moment Tuesday

Well good evening friends!
As I came up with this Tuesday idea so many treasured moments happened today, that I noticed.
Sometimes we get caught up in the 'what's going wrong' about each day we fail to recognize all that's going good.
I have the privlige to work early in the morning and get off before noon.
That leaves me pretty much all day to be with my 14 month old son, Corbin.
He was born three months premature, but we were so blessed to have a healthy healthy boy.
Before my husband and I had Corbin we both decided we wouldn't put photos of him on facebook/public blogs.
So I don't have a photo of this treasured moment.
I always give Corbin lots of kisses, and always say 'kisses' before I give him one.
Well, today, I said "kisses" and guess what?
he turned to me, opened his mouth (you know, those baby open mouthed kisses...)
and gave me a beautiful!!
and he's been doing it all.night.long!
Oh, it's the cutest and BEST thing in the entire world!!!
I love being a mommy!

My second, among many I saw in today, treasured moment is talking with my best friend Lizzie Justice.
You can find her over HERE
She is brilliant.
We talk almost on a daily basis.
even if it's only a short conversation...
she is one of my most favorite people to talk to.
I am so extremely grateful to have such a true friend like her in my life.


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  1. Thanks Haili! Your so awesome!! I enjoy our little talks too!