Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So sooon!

Mandy's birthday is coming up on March 5th.  I can not believe it.
Mandy is the reason behind this blog.  To read about it click the tab "Mandy" up at the top.
I am thinking I want to deliver some yellow flowers and a treat to her parents home on her birthday.
Not only is Mandy such a huge example to me, but her parents are remarkable people!

Tuesdays.  Nobody likes Tuesdays.  It's such a bleh kind of day.  
So I am going to start a thing called
Treasured Moments on Tuesdays.
Each Tuesday find a moment, or several, moments that just tug at your little heart.
then...take a photo or several and display those little moments on your blog so you can remember them.
I'm really excited to announce this little weekly adventure.
I hope ya'll choose to embark on it with me.
So stay tuned for my "treasured moment" post later tonight.


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