Wednesday, February 22, 2012

slow down

Have you ever had those moments in your life where you think
man. I wish I had her life?
I have.
I often times wish that I lived a more fast paced life.
I like to have a lot of things to do, and to be able to check off a lot of things each day.
I can say that I live a life that is very laid back and relaxed.

I got off work even earlier than usual today, 9:30am.
My husband doesn't leave for school until 11:30am so I didn't have to rush out of work.
I took my time, and I even parked a squat at temple grounds for a bit and snapped some shots.
mind you...I didn't do much editing or anything to these...they were just for fun. ;)
What a beautiful place to call Home...just minutes from where I live.
I love the temple so so much.

I have time in my day to just enjoy being a mom and a wife and a friend.
I'm not always on the go.
I don't have a planner that's falling apart with sticky notes on every page just to make sure I remember the 543,302,139 things I have to do each day.
In fact, I have a planner, but fail to ever use it.
No need.  It's sad because it's pretty cute!
I often used to think that my life was pretty boring.
Recently I've realized
it's not boring.
I am extremely blessed and so so lucky 
I have time to take my baby to the park, watch him grow, witness all his 'firsts'
serve those who need some lovin' sent their way...
cook dinner for my husband who works so hard to support us.
I am also lucky I have this time before I start up college again.
{I'm going into nursing!}
and when that all begins...
hello endless homework,exams, no sleep and wishes on stars that everything

I am so grateful for where I am at today.
I am so grateful for this Gospel
my husband, my sweet little boy, my family and my friends.
I wouldn't change 
a single thing.

If you live a fast paced crazy out of control life...SLOW DOWN
MORE than 'every now and then.'
If you don't-you're going to burn yourself out!
Even if it's just 15min a day...
Take 15min and just r-e-l-a-x.

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  1. Great Perspective... I need to slow down too <3