Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello Friends!
As I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day
I came across a post about being involved in others lives.
Do we often sweep the surface when we engage in conversation with others?
For example when we ask, "How are you doing today?"
That's a fair example, right?
We ask others this question, probably, on a daily basis.
Most of the time people will say good-and the conversation ends.
What stops us from going further?
Many times when we engage further in the conversation we learn more about that person,
build friendships and gain a trust.
Even better yet, when we open our hearts to others sometimes we learn they're really not 'good.'
Maybe something has happened in their family
They just needed that one person to dig a little deeper and be their friend.

I hate to say that I have been one to be pretty vague in asking people how their day is.
So lately I've made an extra effort in going a little deeper.
Since I've done this I've had some pretty special moments with certain people
I wouldn't have had otherwise.

So, I challenge us to go a little deeper when engaging in conversation with others.
Instead of just asking, "How are you today?"
Ask them if they have any fun plans...or how's the family...
Anything...make them see that you actually care about them, and that you're not just being nice
to be genuinly care about them and their feelings.


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