Wednesday, February 29, 2012

...ones we love

(this is Ashley, from THE SHINE PROJECT.  With her permission to use this photo, I had to share it.)
She is one of the gals who has inspired me to continue on with this blog.  Even if I only have a few followers, if it helps one person...I've done some good!  
I love this photo of Ashley because it represents everything good.
You wouldn't believe Ashley's daily schedule.
When I read about it, it sort of made me dizzy. ;)
Ashley's "me" time is when she gets in bed to go to sleep at night
is when she lies in bed for several hours thinking about the family who has no beds
the students who need money to go to college
her husband who needs her love
her shine club students and the activity they'll do the next day
the woman she met on the sidewalk
or a random person she smiled at that day 
Ashley doesn't take "me time" that often.
She's constantly involving herself in others lives who need her.
She is busy being a friend to someone who is lonely.
She is constantly wanting to help as many people as she can.
She is what life is all about.
loving our neighbor
Ashley said once that she was a very shy person.
I didn't believe for a moment.
then I continued reading and read that she has overcome/overcomes her shyness on a daily basis.
It's refreshing to hear that it takes, even someone as amazing as Ashley, a lot to overcome your own fears.
If Ashley can start a project that has snowballed into 10,000 plus in scholarships for inner city school students.... it makes me see that anything is possible. :)

I recently commented on a friends facebook status that read something along the lines
Snooki is pregnant.
My reaction?  I don't even know who Snooki is.
Apparently she's some chick from a reality show called "Jersey Shore?"
Many many comments piled onto her status stating their opinions on the matter.
...and it got me thinking.
How do we know so much about random people?
Much of this comes from television, news, magazines, gossip etc.
It's a lot easier for us to know about celebrities than it is about the people around us.
Getting to know people around us requires us to work a little harder than just picking up a magazine at the checkout line.  It involves a little more heart and understanding.
Although celebrities are real people, with real feelings they aren't the people we should devote our energy learning about.
We should devote our energy in getting to know those around us.

Instead of watching a TV show before bed-write a letter, an email, message on facebook...
whatever you feel like is your style, to a friend. 
 Ask them how they are doing...make sure they know that someone cares about them.  
Or, if before bed is your only relax time, get to know someone at your work a little better, 
ask the lady in front of you at the grocery line how her day is going,
 instead of burying your face in gossip in a magazine.  
You could find out that the lady in front of you has been standing in line for 10min
 trying to figure out how she was going to pay for the groceries she has brought to the register. 
 She may be only $10 short and feel a little'll be able to help her out, 
and she'd feel a bit more comfortable accepting your offer,
 if you had spent your time in line getting to know her, 
instead of reading about someone in LA who has just bought their 3rd home out on some private island in the bahamas.  

One day, this life, will be over.
We'll all come to face with our Maker.
Our Heavenly Father who loves us all SO much.
The only things we will have brought with us is our family and friends.
No material thing is brought with us.
No matter how much you beg or plead...
your family is all you need.
And we are all family, spiritually.
So all we will have is each other.
When that day comes will we already know many of our family members?
Will we be excited to see them again?

I know a lot of caring about people is in getting to know them
and I know that getting to know people involves being active and outgoing, which I so am not.
But a lot of wonderful things come from pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.
It involves us pushing through our fears each day, overcoming them on a daily basis
but when we do-miracles can happen.

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