Saturday, February 18, 2012

Corbin's first haircut

He no longer looks like my little baby. :(

look at all that hair!!


looks like it's bedtime!

all done and ready for bed.
Goodnight my sweet little boy.

Wow.  I didn't think watching Corbin's first haircut would be so sad!  It's crazy how hair on a baby makes such a huge impact on how he looks!  I miss it already...good thing it'll grow back!  Oh, and also...I never realized how blonde his hair is!  People are going to think he was adopted ha ha.  Blonde hair runs in Aaron's family though-so I guess that's where it came from!


  1. o my gosh little buddy.....gramma laughed and are such a big little man....i love you with all of my heart.....u look so handsome with your new haircut....

  2. He looks like such a big boy now. ;0)

  3. Sooooo cute!
    I love fresh haircuts, so the cutest thing ever.
    Don't worry, I cried during sophs first big haircut.
    It's sad how big they look after.

  4. Awe! He looks SO cute! I was surprised to see it blonde! It brings out his big blue eyes though! Sad how fast they grow up...

  5. Bahaha! I am totally going to cry when I cut Bridger's hair the first time, so, you aren't alone. ;) He looks cute either way, I do have to admit that he looks a little older without all the soft baby hair though. You guys did great!