Sunday, February 12, 2012


(This is Corbin in his Sunday suit. His pants...yeah don't stay put on his tiny little bum and waist. he he)

Today we spent our Sunday afternoon/evening at Grandma Hunter's house with the whole gang. 
It was a lot of fun.  Especially now that everyone is building their families.
(meaning babies are coming..)
Austin and Jon just had little baby Deagean.  So now they have three boys all under the age of three.
Ben and Kirsten are pregnant, due in April and have Brooklyn who will be two this year.
Then there is us, little Corbin and one one the way...
just kidding.
Don't pee your pants folks.
We seem to be falling behind in his big family.
We're now officially the only ones with only one kid.  
Looks like we better get on that.
Today as I was watching Austin with little Deagan I was in awe with her.
She is such a good little mommy.
Such a great example to me.
Watching her, made me not have so much anxiety about having another baby.
It used to kind of scare me.
how could we possibly take care of two babies?
Sometimes it's beyond my comprehension how much trust our Heavenly Father has in us, as women.
and men.  To be mom's and dad's to multiple little precious spirits of His.
So, no.  We are not pregnant.
But I am saying that the anxiety isn't there anymore.
I'm sure it will have it's place when that day does come though. :)



  1. Ok, I really did almost pee my pants when you said that. Rude. ;) jk, people already tease us about having another one, is it the same for you guys?? Are we supposed to be baby hungry already?? lol. I think we'll know when the time is right. :) You've got one cute little boy...

  2. oh little man....gramms loves your new suit....u need to do some squats and build up your are such a handsome little man and gramma loves you bunches and bunches....i will come and see you gramma