Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekly Challenge #2: courage

Go HERE and read this beautiful post written by Miss Ashley.
Then you can come back here and finish reading mine.

isn't a easy thing to have a lot of the time.  
I love this quote I have in our dining/living room

"Always stand for what is right, even if you are standing alone."

Most of the time having courage requires us to take a big fat step out of our comfort zone.
I know, for me, that's really hard to do
especially when everybody around me is against what I know is right
it's so much easier to just sit and stay quiet.
Then later I always wish I would have stood up and said something.
I remember one day I was going for a walk around my neighborhood when I saw someone I knew
driving onto her street to go home.
I could see that she looked very sad.
I felt like I should stop her and just say hi and that I am so grateful that I was in her ward
and got to spend time with her each week.
But then I thought she might think it's a little creepy that I would stop her.
As she turned to come onto her street
(moreso it felt like someone pushed me right in front of her car and I had no control over it.)
I lifted my head up and smiled and motioned for her to stop.
We talked for a few seconds
and that's when I found out why she was so sad.
(take note-all this happened, probably within a whopping 20 seconds)
I felt grateful that she felt she could share that with me
and that my concern for her brought a smile to her face.

Even if all we can do is bring a smile to someone's face for a minute
that's enough.
Have a little courage.
Most of the time the hard things are the ones worth doing
the hard things are what make acts of courage into
a way of life and sculpt you into who you're becoming.

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  1. I had courage on my mind last night. I had to make a decision at work that I knew would hurt someone, but it would hurt them even more if I didn't do anything. I spent all night questioning my decision. It took so much courage to do what was right. I've decided that doing things that are courageous are often times uncomfortable, but always worth it!