Tuesday, January 3, 2012

warning. loong post!

So I am kind of excited about this post.  It's going to be really random but it's all good.  It's mainly going to be a long post because there are a butt load of pictures. YAY!

This is a diaper box that I covered with stationary paper and a bow to keep all my scrapbooking/cross-stitching/anything crafty items in.

This is just Corbin being super cute.

This is Corbin's cute little crib.  (the blanket hanging over is the cute blanket that Lizzie made for him!  You can't see the whole blanket.  There is a giraffe, lion and an elephant on it.)

My uncle and a few of my cousins built this changing table for Corbin.  I absolutely love it!

Corbin attempting to feed himself carrots.

Done with carrots...hmm...lets play with my toes!

one of our living room walls.  I made that little tissue flower.

Our menu board I made.

New Years eve treat!

before church  on the first day of 2012!

"What do you always carry with you in your purse?"
 1. Makeup bag
2. lotion
3 and 4. whatever perfume I'm wearing that day
5. some type of stationary or card.  I like to write little notes to random people, or people I know.
6. Country Apple hand sanitizer
7. a pen
8. my wallet
9. my water bottle
10. chapstick
11. cell phone
12. a book

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  1. I love that second picture of Corbin. So cute!! I have mostly the same stuff in my purse. Love Jergens and country apple! Mine also has leftover Cheerios, a diaper some wipes, old receipts, etc. not near as neat looking as yours!