Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keep an eternal perspective

I am a Mormon.
I have a testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel.
I believe that families are eternal..
and it does not end at,
till death do us part.
In fact, in a temple wedding those words aren't even said.
We don't say "I do."
just a simple 
I recently came across a blog that is written by a teenage girl.
She is not mormon, but she lives her life by her faith.
She knows that God has a plan for her, and she knows that, it is because of Him, that she has such a blessed life.  Her blog is filled with encouraging and uplifting words. 
She has a boyfriend. 
They are the cutest couple.
They are so willing to speak out on what they believe in.
Their love for each other seems so geniune and real.
I am so grateful 
This made me think about my husband.
How I am so extremely grateful for the blessing of being LDS.
That we both lived our lives righteously and were able to be sealed in the Saint George, Utah temple
for time and all eternity.
I couldn't imagine living a long life with him
and it all end at death.
That would be awful.
Heavenly Father's plan for the family is so sacred
so special.
I love being able to share with others the beautiful blessings that the Gospel can bring to their lives.

Mandy, was fortunate to find her soulmate before she was killed in the plane crash.
He proposed to her the night before the accident.
I am so grateful that he has the knowledge that he and Mandy are going to be together again.

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  1. I literally got the chills. That is so bittersweet! Thanks for sharing, I LOVE to have this knowledge of the living gospel and that death really is not the end.
    Lovely Little Rants