Wednesday, January 25, 2012

high school puppy love

I can't believe it will be 5 years in June since I graduated from high school!  It is so crazy how time flies!  
So you know in high school when you go through a break up and your mom says the same thing every time?

"It's going to be alright.  I've been there.  I know how you feel.  You deserve better."
And at that point you just want to scream, and you tell her
"It's NOT going to be alright.  It's different now than it was when you were my age. You don't know how I feel, and I don't care if I deserve better; I LOVE HIM!"

Yeah.  I'm pretty sure we've all had that conversation with a parent.  
I wasn't a huge dater back in high school.  I only had two break-ups, but I took them hard.
Here's my advice and opinions on this subject.
Like I said, I've only been graduated for 5 years almost, and it's safe to say boys in high school have changed even since then.  So I'm not going to say that it was the same for me as it is for you now.
 (if you're a reader and still in high school.)
I am going to say I know how it felt to have my heart broken.
That feeling doesn't change.  Whether it was way back when your parents were teenagers...or now.
A break-up breaks the heart into what feels like a million pieces. 
Especially, in high school, when our number one priority in life is to be popular and feel accepted.
When we are broken up with we feel like the whole world is crumbling down on us.
We feel like we'll never find someone ever again as good as him. excuse me little miss....
He couldn't have been that great if he dumped you.
(my mom used to tell me, "I think your in love with the idea of being in love.")
I never really understood that then.
But it's true. I was. A girl LOVES feeling loved.  Especially in high school.

My cousin is only in middle school and has already gone through a break up.  The other day she said that it's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.
When we go through break up we have the tendancy to sit around and dwell on all the good things about the relationship, and in return that makes us even more sad, for even longer.
We don't have to forget all the good things we had in a relationship.
In fact, we should remember them.  Those are qualities we can look for in future relationships.  
That's why, even though being "exclusive" with someone is the cool thing.  It's SO vitally important to DATE.
Date a lot of different boys.
Get involved in school activites.
Make lots of GOOD friends.
You want to look back on high school and have lots of memories of fun times.  Not look back and think, Man why did I waste so much of my time just mopping around crying about him?  
We are all different for a reason.  We are naturally attracted to different people.
It's hard when you see who you used to date, date someone else.
We always whined up wondering "why does he like her and not me?"  Then we start feeling inadequate and not pretty.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!  Know that you are BEAUTIFUL!!!
And the way you treat others, if positively, makes you even more beautiful.
There will be girls prettier than you.  It's a fact.  Don't compare.  
You are prettier than some girls.  It's a fact.  Don't compare.
That boy may be attracted to her, not because she's prettier than you, but because, maybe, he likes girls with black hair, not red...or he likes tall girls, not short.
That's OK!  That just means he wasn't the right one for you.
There really are plenty of other great guys out there for you to date and get to know.
One day you WILL find your prince charming.
But when he does come along, make sure you are available, and youre not busy dwelling on that other boy.
Life works out.
and that's a PROMISE!


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