Friday, January 6, 2012


Ashley over HERE at the Shine Project started a project called, "Change for Change." 
She has over 3,000 followers, all of whom admire Ashley for all that she is doing
to make this world a better place.
Ashley doesn't only inspire us to be the change in the world we wish to see...
SHE is the change she wants to see.

Why do I mention all of this you ask?
Well, with Ashley's permission, I'm going to try and start this change for change.
I've learned of a school in Vegas called "Whitney Elementary" where
85% of the students are homeless.

"Gahn knew she had a problem that a traditional public school could not fix. "When I saw the children eating ketchup for lunch, and wanting to take it home," she says, "it just crushed me.""

Read about the story HERE 
I want to help
but I need your help.
Over to the right of my blog is a link to Lizzie and my blog "Kindness is Contagious."
I want to keep on with this and combine Ashley's brilliance with Mandy's genuine kindness
to be kind to all those around us; to bring this dream of helping come true.

So if you would like to participate I'm asking this
Pledge to put all of your spare change into a jar.
I will be doing this myself too.
My goal is to raise money for, at least, one student and their family.
Depending on how much we raise I'd either like to use this money to give the child
and his/her family a really nice Christmas this year; or if we raise enough to give them a fun trip
to Disneyland.

To tie this in with our "kindness is contagious" I will personally call and speak with the principal of the school
I want her to look and recognize a child or two who exemplify Mandy's motto:
"kindness is contagious--catch it."
I want her to seek out a child who goes above and beyond to be a friend to all those around him/her
in spite of their circumstance.
...this is how I'll choose...
because without this I have no idea how I'd choose who to give to.
I wish I could give to all these kids.

I'm really nervous about doing this. 
I have no idea how this is going to go.
But no matter how much we raise a child is going to experience something new
something exciting.
Something that they will remember for the rest of their life.

So again, if you'd like to pledge a "Change jar" leave a comment or email me at
I'll give you all the info you need and when the deadline for collecting all the money will be.

...oh, and tell your friends about it too!
kthanks! :)


  1. Great post. I love your blog!
    New follower for sure :)

  2. Oh my gosh you go girl!!! I will share this on Twitter! That makes me so sad! I know there are some schools in Kansas City (downtown) where the kids have to get themselves up from bed, walk to school, and come late and they don't shower because they don't have any and they don't know how to read and there parents don't really take care of them at all. My sister in law worked at a school teaching them to read through a program!!