Monday, January 9, 2012

Believe in yourself


I saw this on our lovely Pinterest today, love it.
Let me just throw out there a funny one I saw as well.
Pinterest: it's like fantasy football for girls

that was totally random.

I love giving shout outs to people who inspire me
Upon getting married to my wonderful husband, I picked up some pretty awesome "in-laws."
One of my new cousins is so incredible.
Her faith and courage shines so brightly.
She truly is such a great example of President Monson's "ABC's."

We are Heavenly Father's greatest creation.
no matter where we came from, where we live
It doesn't matter what clothes we wear or what cars we drive.
It does matter how we treat those around us though.
When we treat others with disrespect or put others below ourselves...
We are no better than the ground we walk on.
We're here to lift others up and to give of ourselves unselfishly.
It's the people around us who matter...
It's the open mind and our willingness to listen to those who need a friend that truly matter
It's being able to love unconditionally, not to expect to be loved back
...only for the simple reason of...
just loving that person for who they are.

Mandy (see page link at top) had that gift.
The ability to treat whomever she talked to, feel like they were her best friend.
Anything anybody told her...mattered.  
That's why the legacy she left behind was such a positive one.
Everybody who knew her, or even just knew of her, felt like they were her closest friend.

I wish everybody felt like they had a least one friend.
But I know, that unfortunatly, is not true.
So this week, I send out a little invitation:

"listen a little more a friend to someone a little more...
do something that you can say demonstrates kindness in some way."

"kindness is contagious, catch it."

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