Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bedroom pt 1

Ok people it's official...
this beautiful damask duvet cover will be all.ours!
This is the winner.  I am so in love!
We're going to do different sheets and all that jazz though
because I want to add a splash of color.
not sure what color as of yet.
I have some pillows I can cover with any fabric that we pick out
I think that'll be the cheapest way to go about it.
I'm thinking of doing a king size duvet cover instead of a queen so it drapes longer over the bed.
I'll for sure posts photos as our bedroom comes along.

This is the headboard I want to make, except the wood would be a lighter shade.
Like a pinewood almost.
We'll either do that or just paint our headboard we have now a solid rustic white.
I'm uber excited about our bedroom makeover.
It's something I've been saving for so the makeover will come bits and pieces
here and there.
Our first purchase is going to be the duvet cover, while the price is good.

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  1. Love it!! Seriously so cute. I feel like your bedroom is going to be like living on a cloud:D