Monday, January 30, 2012

"Be the Change"

I often times have a dilemma when I decide I want to post something. 
You see, I have this blog, a private blog, and a photography blog
(the photography blog which is currently under construction)
and the private blog since I've had since 2008!
Since my friend and I have started this blog, I've absolutely fallen in love with everything about it.
The meaning behind it, and the ability we have to share kindness with others.
I start to write whatever I'm going to blog about on my personal blog, and always find myself thinking,
"could my words help someone else that is not in my family, who doesn't have access to this private blog?"
A lot of the times I answer myself with a yes.
So I brave up and try and get my thoughts across on this blog.

Tomorrow is the "BE THE CHANGE" EVENT
I hope that we all choose to take part in this event.

I guess this is all I have for today, but I really wanted to let all you readers know about this event.
Tomorrow will be a great day!!

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