Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You are what you think

....people often say "you are what you eat."
I think it should be, "you are what you think."
I think I've mentioned this before, but I was thinking about this just the other day.
Most of the time I am often thinking about people in my life.
People who just make my life a little bit more complete.
Every friend and family member each add a little something extra special to my life.
I am grateful for each and every one of them.

I love spending time with people who I don't normally get to spend time with.
absence really does make the heart grow stronger.
I love that we get to choose who our friends are.
I also love that one of my good friends is now related to me.
Now how often does that happen?  never.
I love how you can meet so many people in your lifetime and have completely different bonds with every one of those people.
I love that we're all different.
I love how we connect on deeper levels with certain people.

I am so grateful that my very best friend is the one I get to spend eternity with.
He teaches me so much every day.
He loves me for who I am.
We balance each other out so perfectly.
We've seen the early days of Newlywedism.  
(penny pinching, figuring each others pet peeves out, patience, etc)
I think the budgeting part of it was our hardest.
We never have struggled to make ends meet
but, like all couples, budgeting was a new thing for us.
We were both so used to just being able to go and buy whatever we wanted..when we wanted.
For me, I had never made a purchase over $100 before I was married.
When we signed a lease for an apartment...
I was stressed.
When we signed a contract for a car...
I was stressed.
I left all the major purchases up to my husband.
Obviously we're not there 100% on budgeting...I don't think anybody ever has it down pat.
I don't get too stressed about money anymore though
and that's a big step for me.
I may get that lump in my throat when a big purchase comes up
but I know that everything will work out.

One thing I have such a strong testimony of is paying tithing.
We've never forgot to pay our tithing and everything has always worked out.
We've had things in the past where I wondered, "where is this money going to come from?" always has.

I guess this all was a little random, but if anything I hope it helps somebody who might feel like they're the only ones...that they aren't.  We all have things we have to learn and grow in when we get married.  A lot of things take a lot of practice and learning.  Some of it may take asking for advice from somebody who has been there before.  I think the biggest thing is to be patient.  Don't expect everything to just "work" from the get go.  

Getting married is a big change in anybodys life.  We learn, mostlly, to have unconditional love, selfless love, patience and so much more.  We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful time and have the Gospel.  To have the blessing of being sealed to somebody we love for time and all eternity is such a remarkable thing.  Cherish the one you love.  Cherish all the people you love.

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  1. Loved this post! I'm so grateful for tithing too! I agree, our marriage partner is our best friend, forever! I love that they can teach us so much, and it's like they don't even have to try! My husband and I are kinda opposites in a lot of ways (but exactly the same at the same time! haha!) but he is the person I want to be! I want to have his qualities! :) You're an amazing young woman! :)