Thursday, December 29, 2011

when Vegas and George collide...

My Lizzie girl drove up from Vegas to play with me all day long yesterday!  Sadly, she had to go back home that evening, but it was a fun day!  We went to Tai Pan, Paradise Bakery, Michaels and Judd's.  We made something we saw on Pinterest too!!  They are envelopes filled with a preplanned/prepaid date inside.  We made the envelopes and everything!  I'm excited to do all the dates I came up with.  (the last two photos are of my 12 dates)  

Oh, and can i just say, Lizzie MADE a quilt for Corbin and it is the.cutest.ever!  It took her a whole year to make!  Corbin loves it!  She also got me a very pretty bracelet and hair pin from Hawaii when she went with Luke last year.  AND a cute skirt from Forever 21.  Love them all!  Thanks Lizzie!

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  1. I love love love this post! I had so much fun and miss you already! We need to get together again soon, im thinking April sometime!