Thursday, November 3, 2011


Lets face it.  I almost always call my mom, at least once, while I'm grocery shopping.  When I called her today she informed me that she was at the ER with Betty.  (Betty is an elderly woman my momma watches over.)  As I was putting the groceries away when I got home I started thinking about my mom and what she does, and with people and their occupations in general.  

Sometimes we may feel like we're not making a difference; our efforts aren't worth the while for anybody.  I just think what my mom does is such a marvelous thing.  Betty was in the ER, she's close to the end of her life here on this earth, and who is with her?  my mom.  Older people are some of the most choice children of God in my opinion.  They have gone through their whole earthly life, and have lived a productive life blessing all those who they have met.  They've completed that small test that we all go through throughout our lifetime. Our Heavenly Father is ready for them to come home.  They have proved worthy, and He is so anxious and ready for them to come back to Him.  

My mom is with Betty during a very critical time.  Betty adores her.  She wants my mom near her side in those trying times.  She wants to feel loved and cared for still.  My moms presence in her life really does more good than I think my mom even knows.  She is making such a huge difference in Betty's life.  She is doing something so important, and that is making another person feel important.  

I love my momma.

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