Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend..

This Thanksgiving was nice.  We visited with Aaron's side of the family out in the orchard, had lots of yummy food and watched as our son chowed down some funeral potatoes and banana pudding!  We did miss his siblings who live in Florida though!  It was such a beautiful day!

Today I had the oppurtunity to talk with a friend of mine.  She is such an incredible person.  She has overcome some pretty heavy trials in her life.  I can relate to her in some ways I never knew I did.  Her courage, faith and strength are qualities I truly admire in her.  She is the perfect example of the Young Woman's motto and the quote from a song that reads, "We will stand in holy places, and we will not be moved.."  What a beautiful way to live your life.

I got to visit with my dear friend Kelsey Bickmore this weekend too!  Well her last name is not Bickmore anymore, but it's hard to say her name any other way...ha ha.  I headed over to her sisters home and we all hung out for a bit.  I can't believe it's been so long since we've gotten together.  I bring this up because I was so, what's the word, impressed, at the spirit that filled Jessica's home.  I loved it.  That family is so incredibly amazing, and I am so glad we are friends.  I feel so privliged to have grown up with Kelsey through middle school, and she is just so great!

Well, I just thought I'd post a little something...since I haven't in a while.  OH!  Black Friday...yeah...never doing that again! ha ha.  But it was fun hanging with my cousin Tammi and aunt Vicki, oh and of course, Mafi! :)

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  1. First off, love the new blog header! Corbin is seriously so handsome! Haili, I really admire you! I'm really grateful I've had the opportunity to talk with you more lately... You're such a wonderful mom, and hard worker, and you're always willing to give! :) Please let me know if you ever need anything! :)