Monday, November 7, 2011


I have this thing.
I over analyze every.little.thing.
I beat myself up over the things that don't matter, and sometimes lose sight of what and who really matter.
Today was an awesome day at work.  I love working with Melanie.  She is one of the sweetest girls ever.  I love all the girls I work with honestly.  They are so much fun.  I think working with Melanie today was just what I needed though.  I also read my friend Sammi Beardall's blog today, and boy, do I feel where she is coming from.  I think I think too much.  I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I also got a phone call from my dear sweet Madi Bringhurst.  Oh she is just the sweetest.  I am so excited to see her this week!

My husband pointed out something that really struck me the other day.  He said something like, "It's all about the quality of a friend."  It's so true.  I am so thankful for the friends I have in my life and for my family.  It really is all about the family.  "friends are family we choose for ourselves."  Your family will be the ones that will be there alongside you forever.  It's not a one way street thing.  It's a two way street thing.  Don't fret the small things.  Never over look the important things/people.

When you get in a spot in life where you don't know where to go...get on your knees.  When you can't hold back any longer...get on your knees.  Enjoy life for the moments and memories you are making each day.  Enjoy the present.  Kick drama to the curb and love all those you are around.  Make new friends.  Try new things.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Do what you feel is right...and follow what you know is true.


  1. Haili girl, you are so awesome and your words are always so inspiring. I love your line "When you get to a spot in your life where you don't know where to go...get on your knees. When you can't hold back any longer...get on your knees." I want to frame it. It reminds me of so many times in my own life. Thanks Hai for being such a good friend!