Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nikon D5100

Our tree is fake.
don't worry about it.

So I love my new camera!
It's already attached to my hip.
I haven't even learned anything about it yet.
All I do is snap shots.
So here are a few.

{Christmas Wonder}

{One of the special effects I can do with the camera.  I can choose multiple or one single item I want in color.}

{May I say: Corbin's head was right where the monkey is when we put him to sleep...}

{daddy woke him up...}

{ha ha ha}

{I just can't get over how cute his little chubby cheeks are!!}



  1. Oh my goodness he is getting huge!! I just have to tell you your photographs look amazing!!;) HailiHunter photography, I think a website is in order!

  2. AW!!!! HE is sooo stinkin adorable!!!!! <3

  3. hi little you know that you have grammas heart? i love you sooooooo just keep getting cuter and cuter, but you have to stop growing so big...gramma hasnt had enough cuddle of these days you wont want to cuddle anymore and i will be so stay little and cuddly for a few more years......i love you