Thursday, October 6, 2011

December 17, 2010 -- March 8, 2011

Minutes after being born
(daddy's first official look)

Hours after being born
(Mommy's first glance and touch)

Right after being born; daddy fit his wedding ring on Corbin's arm!

one. month. old

 all those tubes and stuck in an incubator and still is smiling!  What a trooper!

two. months old.

he's looking at us like, "hmm...I don't know if this is what I signed up for.  I didn't know coming early meant sticking around the hospital for this long!"

first family photograph.

seriously Corbin?  What look is that? ha ha!

Grandma O's first time feeding her grandbaby Corbin.

Car Seat Test.
(go 1 hr sitting in the carseat with no major episodes = go home from the hospital!)
March 7, 2011

You passed Corbin!  You get to go home!!
homecoming day:  March 8, 2011

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