Tuesday, October 4, 2011

capturing the moments

How do you fully capture each and every moment that touches you?  How do you save and remember that one special moment when everything kind of just stops, and you're taken back into just your 
Memories are so important.  Memories that were written down and kept was what reconstructed Brigham Young's home so all of his generations could partake in his cherished memories.  Memories of those before us are what allow us to have books, talks, inspirations, etc in these days.  These sweet moments need to be recorded...those moments when we're touched, when we feel inspired, when we think, "I need to blog about this."  Well those little thoughts should not be overlooked.  Whether you write those thoughts in your personal journal or on your blog for others to read, write. them. down.  Or for those who like to capture moments through photographs.  Capture. every. moment. that you want to remember.  Save these journals, blog entries, photos.  Save them and cherish them.  Although sometimes we feel they may never be read by anybody just think that you'll have them to look back on, and more often than not, memories are read by children or grandchildren or people who you may never meet in your life.  

These thoughts came to me as I was listening to Sarah Bareille's song, "Gravity."  over and over again.  I started to think of my sweet momma as I was changing my blog background to a fall theme.  I love my momma.  I love that she kept me safe and fed and warm all my life.  I love that she was my best friend for so many years.  I love that I have her in my life, and she is here to see my baby grow up.  Life is an amazing thing ya know?  Your momma has a baby(you), raises you, sends you off to live your own life, you get married, you have a baby, and that momma of yours, watches you raise your own little baby.  What a marvelous and sweet life.  It's hard to believe that my children will look to me as  their everything; their role model.  I will be that person that can do no harm, no wrong, perfect...just like my momma was to me.  I don't feel even a tiny bit ready or adequate enough for that.  I still feel like a teenager; just a bit more mature! ;)  To think of tiny children looking to me for guidance just astounds me.  Thanks momma for being my everything and being my best friend.

Fall is here!!!  You know what that means!?  Cold weather and warm dinners!  Soups, stews, crockpot, warm snuggly blankets, cold mornings, open windows, crisp fall air, much!  I love Fall!! To think back three years ago I hadn't even met Aaron this time three years ago.  Now we're married and have a little peanut.  Oh how we love our little peanut.  He's the cutest ever.  

I don't know what switch has been flipped inside of me or when it happened, but lately I have just been so incredibly happy.  Today I was thinking to back a little while ago when I would constantly think to myself, "why am I just not acting happy?"  There was nothing wrong or anything, but I just seemed to be a little off and got agitated over every little thing.  Like I said, I don't know when the switch was switched but I've done like a complete 180.  I've always been a generally happy person, and now, I'm back!  I think I've just surrounded myself with a lot of positive things, people, books, thoughts etc.  I've let go of things and people in the past that seemed to bring me down.  I've worked harder on my weaknesses to make them strengths, and I've found more about myself out.  For instance; friendships/relationships.  I used to think that the more friends I had the more popular and happy I'd be.  ERR...wrong.  I've come to realize that I am more of an intimate person.  I look for those intimate relationships in everyone.  So I tend to be closer to fewer people than have a lot of  "acquaintances."  I am drawn to connecting with people on a deeper level and strive to make all my relationships that way.  I have found that people in general intrigue me. Eveybodys story is unique and great in their own ways.  I don't like when I see people being mistreated or looked down upon.  I look for those unique oppurtunites to lift  someones spirit when they seem down.  It's a good day when I get to know someone a bit better or strike up a conversation with a cashier and get a smile out of them.  I guess I'm giving a little bit of me in this post aren't I?  One of the biggest changes I have made in my everyday life lately is scripture reading.  I've read every day, and I believe, that in itself, has impacted the way I view life, and my attitude so tremendously.  I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in, because I believe it to be true with all my heart.  

Also, Corbin is into this open mouth kissing thing lately and i just love it.  
I have the most uh-mazing sister-in-laws.
I have the most truest best friend
I have incredibly sweet friends
I have genuine friends
I have a lot of friends that I have known in the past that I still can facebook with like it was the old days.
I have the best husband in the world.
I've got insanely awesome role models in my life

........the list could go on, but after looking at this post I think it's going to be pretty long as it is.  So I'll leave with a couple things.  When we count our blessings instead of looking at what so and so has and we dont...we are more likely to be happy. It's so true.

Here's a little sneak peek of what my new goal is:
minus the beautiful scenery...unfortunately. 

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  1. You're a pretty uh-mazing sister-in-law too! :) Reading the scriptures daily can change your life!!! I love the scriptures and I get so disappointed in myself when I don't make time to read them. They truly are the words of God! I use the church's institute manuals along with the scriptures to do my studying and they are fantastic!! The Book of Mormon one is my favorite. I like how they take scriptures and apply them to our day giving a modern prophet's words on that topic. It helps me not only enjoy the scripture stories, but also to use the lessons in them to change my life for the better! Sorry......tangent! Can you tell I LOVE the scriptures? I love you!!