Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Challenge #1

We decided we wanted to do some type of challenge for ya'll each week.  How this works is Lizzie and I will come up with this challenege on Friday and accomplish the challenge ourselves over the weekend.  On Sunday we'll post our stories and what the challenge was.  Then, you readers, have all week to accomplish the challenge yourselves.  You can then link your stories back to this post!  This weekend challenge was decided on:

"embracing YOU!"

We came up with this because we feel that we can't really help and serve others around us, if we ourselves, don't feel beautiful; if we don't accept who we are and know our own strengths and weaknesses.  Once we can "embrace who we are" we can more fully serve others with the kindness they deserve.

my story
Saturday we had a work retreat from about 9am-1pm.  One of the activities involved each person putting a sheet of yellow construction paper on their back.  All of us were walking around with sharpies and writing words on that piece of paper, for each person, of what we thought of that person.  (it looked silly, all of us going around saying "wait don't move, I'm writing something!")  After we were allowed to take the paper off and look at the words that were written.  Some of the words that were on my piece of paper were, "inspiring, so kind to everyone, truly loving, always kind words, happy, thoughtful..."  My first initial thoughts were, "that's what people think of me?  Those words just seem so simple and genaric."  We went around each person and they had to read one word that was written about them that they liked.  Others read, "flipping awesome, Best friend at work, is strong in challenging situations, dorky, fun..."  I kept thinking, "Do people just see me as a "nice person" and that's it?  Am I that boring?  But then...then it hit me.  These words that people had described me as really meant everything to me.  I mean, look at the purpose of this blog that we started.  It's all about the kindness that people share with others, it's about being an inspiration to those around you, it's all about being loving and kind to everyone.  These are things that I strive to do, and these are things that I want to fill my life with to become that person whose life is a legacy of kindness.  That's when I realized a gift that I was given, and that is a gift to be friend to all those I meet and to be an inspiration in any way I can.  So the words that people described me as really helped me realize that what I'm trying to accomplish in my life is really being noticed, and my acts are really affecting all those around efforts aren't a waste of time, because even when we aren't recognized for the things we do, people are truly grateful for the things we do for them.

So I hope this week ya'll can truly start to "love you."  Love you and who you are so you can go out and share the gifts you have with others!

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