Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So, it's late

however I told myself I would post.
so here I am.
Today I listened to President Uctdorft's talk during the General Relief Society' General Conference.
Can I just say how much I have always enjoyed his talks?
I highly reccomend heading on over to and listening in on his unforgettable talk.

I really wanted to post on my gratefullness of eternal families.  I think we enter marriage with the optimistic outlook on life.  The bliss and wonder of the wedding day and the fun planning and getting to know that person you said you'd spend forever with.  Everything is just so, well, "la la land ish."  Then real life sets in; bills come, school, work, kids, combining two lifestyles into one, selflessness, making someone else happy before you, learning about each other, learning about yourself...just to name a few.  I believe we learn so so much about ourselves when we enter into the everlasting covenant of marriage.
I remember talking in a previous post about me not being ready to be a mom when I was thrown into being one three months early, because being a mom involves patience, selflessness, understanding, energy, creativity etc; all of which I struggle with.  Well, lately I feel like I've been getting better at these qualities.  Am I perfect at them?  NO.  But am I getting better?  I do believe so.  
I'm on my way to finishing the Book of Mormon for the second time in my whole 22 years of being a member of the church.  So sad.  I've found that even if I'm just listening to the scriptures on my iphone while doing something else, having the scriptures playing helps my attitude in and of itself.  The fact that I made a goal and am sticking to it.
I've found a site, thanks to a friend, called E-mealz, and this site has become my best friend.  I've cooked consistently for the past 5 nights a yummy easy dinner!  That's a record people!  I love to cook, but since we've been married that's been a seldom happening in our home.  I just can't think of new and easy recipes, and what's even harder is buying ingredients to make a yummy dinner.  This site has solved all my problems and we are just loving it!
I have a weakness.  If a show I love is on TV, or I got sidetracked reading something on the internet, and Corbin is just laying next to me playing with his toys I'll let him play while I do my thing.  But lately it's been the opposite.  I've pulled myself away from "Mystery Diagnosis" or "Bizarre ER" and played with Corbin, watched him laugh, taught him new things and just loving every minute with him.  I love our evenings together.
My husband and Corbin are my everything.
Each day I am reminded just how blessed I truly am.
I love these two boys with all my heart.
Corbin's smile and laugh melts my heart
Eternal families are what I am most truly grateful for.
I feel like there is so much that has changed lately, and I am really loving it.
But these changes aren't just by mistake or coincidence...
I made the choice to make my life a more productive one.
One where I can lay in bed each night and say,
"Today...was a GREAT day!"

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  1. I am so happy you like emealz! :D I would have felt like a bad friend for telling you to get if you didn't like it.