Thursday, September 22, 2011


Congrats to our dear friend Maddie Rogers for sending in the first accomplished challenge!!  :)  I love reading this story, because if you know me and Maddie, we're real big on saying things like, "um i love you."  or "I kind of like you."  translated these mean that we really really love you!  I remember the first time I told my husband, "Um yeah, I kind of like you." (before we were married.)  He got so sad because I only kind of liked him!  HA!  Then I explained to him what that really meant.  Anyways, here is Maddie's story!

So, in pondering how I was going to fulfill this challenge, it dawned on me today that I already did. On accident.
I have an amazing friend. (Who will remain un-named) He is suffering with all sorts of things. Lukemia, insomnia, a disease that the doctors actually can't even figure out what it is. But he is constantly in pain. But, he is the kind of person who smiles through it all and does whatever he can to still be an amazing friend/brother/son.
Yesterday I was facebook stalking him and noticed that his wall was just filled with his posts. Which is fine, because he did it, so obviously he didn't have a problem with it. But I just thought I would leave him a comment. All I said was, "Um... I like you. :)" That was all. A very very true statement, but simple nonetheless. His reaction though, was all BUT simple.

"u know, I appreciate that. really. I don't hear kind words towards me all that often. I don't like fishing for them, and I enjoy saying them to others, but sometimes I need them too. and you are probably one of the best people I know to make me feel better about myself and the way things are going. I like you, too. :)"

That may not seem like much to some, but I loved hearing that I was good at making him feel good about himself. That made me feel on top of the world and if I could make his day, I could most certainly do anything! Small acts of kidness really have the biggest reactions. :)

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