Tuesday, September 6, 2011

full of should bes

I should be doing a few things right now.
1.  studying
2.  writing an intro paragraph to my first paper
3.  getting ready for bed
4.  reading my scriptures
5.  finishing the cleaning I had planned

But instead I am:
1.  watching "Teen Mom"
2.  blogging
3.  patting myself on the back for organizing our bookshelf, doing the dishes, finishing all the laundry, picking up all our stuff that has accumulated in our living room since our Salt Lake trip, reading 30 pages in my literature textbook, taking notes, taking a quiz all the while entertaining Corbin.

Wow.  Until I wrote out all the things I did accomplish today--I felt like I hadn't accomplished anything.  So I guess this blogging thing really was a good idea!

I highly reccommend ya'll find yourselves clicking the link above and reading our lovely Ashley's blog.  She is such an inspiration to me, as I'm sure she is to many others.  On our

blog, created by my friend Lizzie and I, our friend Ashley is a blog of note.  She is just an all around amazing girl.  This is not where I intended this blog post to go, but I got sidetracked and went to Ashley's blog, and as usual, I was inspired, and this time, I cried.  She and I are somewhat the same, except she does something about it.  She is that 20% who makes up for my % of making the world a better place.  I feel like I want to do so much and give so much, but I make so many excuses or have no idea where to start.  I watch people like dear Ashley and my friend Kenzie Drawe who just serve serve serve and do their part to do all they can to create joy in other peoples lives.  I know that I am a part of a beautiful family and they love me, and I do all I can to make a difference in their lives and in mine, but I can give so much more, I know it.  I know I'm capable of it...but I don't ever bring myself to do it, or can never figure out how to do it.  Balance.  All I feel I can do is be a beacon, a source of light and happiness to those around me...we all can.  How do we stretch ourselves beyond that as Ashley has?  You've got me.

"Dearest Ashley, you are a beacon of hope to all those children at the inner city high school.  You have found your "niche" and have gone above and beyond to serve those around you.  Thank you for being such an amazing daughter of God."  If there is anything I can do for you; please don't hesitate to ask.  Love, Haili"

Oh!  Here are two things I did that I ordinarily wouldn't have done. 
1.)  Left a note on the nightstand at our hotel that said, "Thank you for providing us with such clean bedding and a clean room!"  This was last weekend when we journeyed up to Salt Lake for a night.  I hope whoever cleaned the room after our stay appreciated that, and the fact that I cleaned up real well before we left!

2.)  We were out on a walk and I smiled and waved to two elderly men who had a frown on their faces, and immediatly their faces lite up and they waved back!

3.)  Left sticky notes in our workplace bathroom that read, "You're beautiful" "smile it confuses people," and "keep going and never give up on yourself."  

Let's make the world a better place shall we?

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  1. I have tried to make a habit of making a list of things I have done during the day, even if it is just put on normal clothes or making dinner. I think you are such an inspiration Haili, promise, I think everyday to myself that I should be more like you.