Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear friend,

So I've been thinking about a dear friend of mine more than usual these past couple of days.
She has become my best friend.
I'm not sure, I probably have, if I have posted about our story before or not.
We met our sopmore year of high school at Brighton.
We were also in the same Young Womens group.
We never really had a chance of becoming awesomely amazing friends back then though.
You see...
she's unbelievably talented at soccer.
This is because of her love for the sport and her dedication.
Needless to say, mutual was usually not a place I would get to see her very often because she always had soccer, and at school she was so dedicated to her schoolwork.  I'm serious people.  I'm pretty sure all of her classes were AP, so this led to homework and studying done at lunch time because she had soccer after school.  I could probably tell you that she played soccer during her sleep too and that wouldn't be an exaggeration! ha ha.
There were occassions where I did get to see her at mutual, and we did hang out once in a while just for fun.  Those times were fun because they didn't happen very often.
We went our seperate ways after my sophmore year and lost touch for quite sometime.  To be honost, I don't think we got back in contact with each other until she met her hillarious hubby.  So we probably went a good three or four years with little or no contact.  I'm not sure, I  don't like to think about it. ha ha.  It's not like we stopped being just happened.  She asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding and I was so so excited!  I had never been a bridesmaid before, and let me tell you, she looked SOOOO beautiful on her wedding day!!  I sure do have a lovely friend!
back to the point...
I have been thinking a lot about her the past few days.  You see, because she was so dedicated to her soccer she suffered mild and very severe concussions.  I can easily say that she went through major life changes with the harshness of these concussions.  I won't go into too much detail because, well, it's her story not mine.  I am just so glad that she made it through all of it, and she is still here today, because if she wasn't I don't know, really, how I would have gotten through some real tough times.  I love this girl oh so much, and I am SO glad that I have her in my life!!!!

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